Butterflies are free

Fashionable Stamping Challenges has a challenge going on -  Use Your Inks Any Way You Like. Since they're all about stamping, the main focus has to be on your stamping.

I have some small, empty tins - about 2.5" x 1.75" - and decided to use one as my base. I covered it with clear gesso & found it dried whitish which was fine.

Then I got my stamps & ink together. I had a cute stamp with a couple of butterfly girls which was perfect because I wanted to use a new set of stamps I got from Sin City Stamps called Love of Butterflies.  

I went over the tin with a couple different Art Alchemy waxes before putting everything together and the result, I think, is whimsical & fabulous! 

I stamped the girls on a scrap piece of patterned scrapbook paper, did some fussy cutting, & colored it in with some oil water colors. Some areas of the tin had some thicker areas of gesso which gave it a little texture inside. And look at the patterns within those butterflies - gorgeous! 

I used various sizes of the butterfly stamps & stamped them on regular cardstock with different ink colors and cut them out, adding some ink around the edges. I then mounted them with foam squares. Also added some word phrases. 

On the back, I used a larger butterfly stamp, using first a shade of blue & then stamped over it with black. I drew on some antennas then lightly went over it with a little Art Alchemy wax for some shine and color contrast.  I also used black ink around the tin edges and various areas to grunge it up a little. 

This stamp is so gorgeous - it has writing within the butterfly. 

This little project packs a punch - dimension, color, texture - and most importantly for the challenge, stamps & inks! 


Whimsical pin cushions

Cork is the challenge going on at Mixed Up Magazine & I've come up with these whimsical pin cushions!  

I'll show you the process for the steampunk version which is my favorite! 

First, I got 3 corks in varying sizes...lucky for me, I collect & upcycle bottles so I have a big stash! 

I picked one that would fit the embellishments I was going to use & painted it with Art-C gold paint. While drying, I got the nozzle right up to the paint so that it would bubble. 

I then decided I wanted to emboss a little bit of the clock face, just for added texture. 

I ran my finger over various areas with Art Alchemy wax & a touch of black distressing ink & started putting everything together. 

I think the end result for all three came out awesome - each has its own style. 

Here's more of the steampunk version. 

I got some creepy doll wood shapes from Etsy, picked one, and framed it. 

I really liked the combo of the paint, the wax, & the ink. It gave it an oxidized look. And the bubbles! 

This next one I covered in a strip of distressed Toile ribbon I had. 

I added some blue wax to the top which matched the color of the fabric - it's really pretty. 

For the last one, I covered it in a fabric swatch (from J. Wecker Frisch - she has AWESOME fabric!), then twisted rusty wire around the neck to secure it, and cut off the excess giving it a ragged look. 

I added a button for fun.... 

These were so easy to make and took no time at all. They'd make great, personalized gifts for a sewing enthusiast or just as decoration! 


Anything goes with salt dough

There's a reason it's called salt dough - it takes a ton of salt! And believe me - do not sneak a taste, thinking it's yummy sugar cookie dough or something. I don't know how fish live in the salty ocean. 😝

Anywho - and you'll get the 'who' reference in a second - here's Ollie the Owl, my salt dough friend. Get it? Owl?  Who/hoo?  😀

I created Ollie for the Emerald Creek Anything Goes Challenge - he's my 2nd of two entries.  Let me say this: I am in no wise an artist (another owl reference ~ 'wise' 😉). What I mean is painting. Forgive me, Ollie, for not doing you justice like alot of others would have!

Here's naked Ollie after baking - kind of liked him like that.

And Ollie with a coat of white. I liked that even better & thought about keeping him that way. 

But I had to play around so I got out my arsenal of sprays, inks, & waxes & came up with Oh, My Eyes! Ollie (feel free to grab your shades, especially when viewing closeups):

I think now you're getting my not-an-artist-in-terms-of-painting reference. I didn't want to do the regular brown tones, didn't want to do steampunk.  I was just winging it (again with the owl pun)! 

I used various sprays & inks from Tattered Angels to Lindy's to Tim Holtz, using a water brush to control it.  I then went over everything with various Art Alchemy waxes.

I wanted to keep him mainly white but it needed something more than just the flat paint so I just rubbed more Art Alchemy wax all over the white - still kept it light but had a brilliant shine & iridescence.

I've mentioned this before but I'll say it again: those Art Alchemy waxes have an intoxicating scent to me - Ollie smells so good!

As an added bonus, I had leftover dough which I molded using miscellaneous stuff around the house. 

This first one is a small owl I have & I just used his eyes & nose. Maybe I should add a stick to one side & he could be a masquerade mask for a doll. 😀

This next one was a camel head from a brass letter opener I've had for some 40+ yrs when I lived in Greece as a kid. 

This last one is a partial mold from a trivet my daughter sent me from Germany. 

I guess you could say everything is kind of folk artsy and/or kitschy. Again, I apologize to Ollie for not making him as fabulous as he could be. Hopefully, no harm - no fowl. AGAIN with the owl pun! 😎  Until next time, owl be seeing you - I've really got to stop! 


It's in her gypsy blood

The Canvas Corp #ccbchallenge is going on so Let's Visit the Cinema!  This is the 2nd of two entries for me!    

When I think of the word 'cinema', I think of the old-time movies before the fancy computer-generated imagery and special effects ~~ I'm even talking before sound, my friends.

The Talkies is where it all started & since we're talking Canvas Corp and the fact that they encompass the 7gypsies brand, I had to do something gypsy.

This is an homage to art and gypsies and, more importantly, the contributions of Pola Negri to her art - the cinema! She was the quintessential gypsy of her time in films, starring in Gypsy Blood in 1918.

I found a couple pics of Pola in B&W & added some color in Photoshop. I also added some canvas, acetate film strip, cheesecloth, stitching, and Sari ribbon.

A sentiment from Architextures Parchment Rub-ons...     

A smattering of Tattered Angels Coffee Shop & Iridescent Silver Glimmer Mist adds some sparkle & shine ~~ and you have to have a pair of Angel Wings because gypsies are free spirits...  

A couple more shots in different cinematic tones for your viewing pleasure... thank you for coming & I hope you enjoyed the show! 



A bottle, a cross, & a castle

Emerald Creek has a new dare up and it's Anything Goes!  This is the 1st of two projects I'm entering.

As I've posted previously, I love bottles & jars & have been upcycling them for years. I also posted about using wax to age a bottle. I really liked the result of the wax on glass so I'm back with another waxed bottle for this dare!

I had a really neat looking Gin bottle that had an embossed cross-hatch type print on it. I knew I wanted something Renaissance-y ~~ is that a word? 😒 And I had some verdigris crosses so I transformed one with the Art Alchemy waxes.

Where the labels were on the bottle gave me an opportunity to add a couple pictures. I found this castle on a scrap piece of scrapbook paper & went about distressing it for the main blank spot. 

After going to town with my waxes & adding my pictures & other cool stuff....ta da! 

I framed the main picture by embossing around it using chunky Aged Scarlet powder by Stampendous. 

I used some really cool metal trim around the neck and tied it together with rusty, twisted wire and the cross. 

I added some moss around my pictures & added some micro stones & some color to enhance a couple of the roofs on the smaller pic. 

 And the waxes really kicked it up - the embossed patterns really pop! And as I've said previously - those waxes smell divine so this bottle has a delightful scent!

Another glass project with wax that was successful! Depending on the light, you get different shades of red. I'm really happy with the Renaissance-y look ~~ I don't care if it's not a word, it is now! 😉