A jumble of journals

Jumble was the closest thing I could come up with to describe my stack of journals:

I love doing journals even though I'm not great at it. But it's soooo therapeutic & fun to try different things - and make lots of mistakes!

You can use just about anything as a base, like cardboard or blank craft books....

Paper bag journals (<---- bottom journal) are really fun. They have pockets formed by the open ends of the bags so you can make cards to stuff in them or you can put personal items in them.


You can also just use the cover of an old book or a regular school composition book. 

Or make your own covers. I made one out of burlap to keep my watercolor paper creations in. And I've also used thin chipboard sheets to make a little booklet. It's easy to add new pages as you go. 

No matter what you choose, have fun creating! I'm a novice who sometimes doesn't have a clue but I learn new things in the process that I can incorporate into other projects. And it's a great way to use your scraps! 


And we have a winner!

Thanks to everyone for passing the word and leaving comments!  

Instead of using the usual number generator, I did a random name picker! And here's the winner.....

Isn't this exciting?

Drum roll please.......😃


Please email cfrailey64@gmail.com to give me your details!  You'll have until Monday, 25 Sep, to do so or I'll pick again!  Thanks again everyone - I will be having another giveaway soon and it'll be open to everyone!!!



This is my 2nd entry for Mixed Media World's Anything Mixed Media Goes Challenge!

This canvas has a little bit of everything: 7Dots Dreamer paper, crackle, stamping, foil, spackle - even dried oranges for you health-conscious artists 😃

Little dots of lacquer... 

A foiled lady.....

... and X marks the spot...

Colorful, grungy, artsy, & healthy! 😄


Why, yes ~ you CAN turn your switch plates into artwork

A couple years ago, I got the idea to decoupage our switch plates for our lights & plugs. I know - whoopee, you say. But I was very proud of them. And then a couple weeks ago, hubby got this new-fangled light system that you could program & connect other rooms with - it does everything but wash windows 😃.  And that meant new plates for some rooms because they required those big, fat, flat switches. 😑  BUT - I get to use the old flipped switches in future projects so it's a win all around!

Here's a sample of some that survived the tech boom in our house.

At the time, I was "all decoupage, all the time" & hadn't discovered the crazy anything-goes world of mixed media & pastes & sprays. But now I have! 

Here's a before of one of the new plates - BORing.... 

When I mentioned redoing them, hubby was like "If you use paper like last time, you can't wrap it under the backside because these are more flush to the wall..."  And then I said, "I'm not using paper".  And he stopped unscrewing & looked at me like I just told him I rammed the car into the motorcycle in the garage. After many reassurances, swearing on the Bible, a couple cocktails, I got my hands on it...

And hubby was amazed...oh ye of little faith... 😒

It took less than 30 min once I got going, drying in between steps & layers with a heat gun.  I did a prep of clear gesso, then added crackle paste.

Then I added crackle paste through a brick wall stencil in various places. Then sprayed with Tattered Angels Baseboard Mist Paint. Next was painting on a combo of Tattered Angels Coffee Shop Glimmer Mist/Mercury Glass glaze & Adirondack Red Pepper spray, using a regular brush, water brush, and my wet finger to finish the effect.

I then told hubby "Imagine what I could do on the walls..."  And I knew I was pushing it. 😃

Here's a couple for the dining room. The first one is simply black acrylic paint that I dabbed and swirled and left streaky, making texture for the Art Alchemy wax I was going to run my finger over. While drying the paint, I also put the heat gun close to get bubbles as well. Took less than 10 minutes!

This last one - just a couple minutes. I dabbed on wax through a stencil - that's it! 

Anything can be done to leave your personal mark on any room. Use your papers, sprays, embellishments, pastes - nothing is off limits...unless you tell your hubby first. 😃


How about a giveaway?

I know there are lurkers & followers out there but I rarely hear from you! So maybe a giveaway will draw you out!

I recently won this lovely prize from BoBunny and thought "Why not pass it on?"

If you'd like to be considered, drop me a comment - right now, it's just open to the US but I'll see what the response is like! I'd love to make giveaways something regular since I am a hoarder of scrapbook paper - and maybe even a project or 2 that I do! 

Tell your crafty friends - you have until Tues, 19 Sep....unless it fizzles & no one responds - LET'S DO THIS! 

Face it - it's weird...

...and colorful.  And that's how I roll. 😎

I thought it was a good candidate for the color challenge at Rubber Dance Stamp Blog.

I had this page of weird faces in my watercolor pad that I sketched - an artist I am not. 😑 So I decided to add to it to see what I could come up with. I added an art sentiment stamp along with a couple stamps from my new Oddly Appealing stamp set from Sin City Stamps.

Shades of cream, pink & yellow make for an interesting color palette. And black makes a nice contrast - I love the effect the water had on the sketches to make it softer and artsy, not as crisp.

I went around the edges with a grungy edge stamp & black pencil to frame it. And there's a hint of sparkles that the Lindy's Magical Shakers left behind.

According to the sentiment, since you're looking at it, it must be art! 🖌️


Find your happy

My first of two entries for Mixed Media World's Anything Mixed Media Goes Challenge.....and away we go!

I used a regular old composition book to do some experimenting in & decided I liked how this page turned out! I cut through some pages imperfectly, leaving ragged edges. 

Then came crackle paste, face stencils, stamping, inks, & other interesting embellishments. 

Art stones, flowers, Sari ribbon add to the texture... 

I was really pleased with the vibrant color scheme & all the messy goodness! So grab your own sprays & different medias & find your own happy! 


The stuff of nightmares

Howdy everyone! I'm back with another project using my Oddly Appealing stamp set from Sin City Stamps!

I've posted previously using these little precut match boxes - I just love 'em! This time, I'm going to print directly onto them instead of adhering papers to decorate them.

These boxes come precut on a sheet that can be run through your printer. I initially scanned it & then added my backgrounds in Photoshop. And since my stamps are creepy, it had to be Halloween.

Once that was done, I started folding everything. 
And then the fun part: putting it all together! 
I used The Stuff of Nightmares & masks stamp on the outside cover. The masks were printed in a couple different sizes and fussy cut. 
Of course, I had to add red for their eyes 👁️
I added a brad to each end of the box - I never use brads as they're intended with the prongs; I always remove them 😜
Spider webs & mounting foam squares make for a spooky look... muwahahaha.. 😱 I think I hear screaming....
Now go out and pick up my Oddly Appealing stamp set & make your own creepy match boxes! I would love to see what you create!