My 7 Gypsies Junque House

I previously posted a little villa - here's a larger folded book piece I did, using alot of 7 Gypsies Architextures & Architextures Mixed Media paper pad!

I did the same fold as the other one & stopped about halfway through because I love this look! I put some Architextures strips & nuts and bolts haphazardly on the roof & added some rust paste here & there. Added an industrial door & wrench from a Studio Light industrial die cut sheet. Love the Tim Holtz paper doll at the door & sitting on the high voltage! 😲

For the wall, I added more Architextures & a 3D layered high voltage topper from Studio Light and covered it in burlap. On the window, I added some lacquer to the panes so that it looks like reflective glass. I also outlined in black for some depth. I didn't trim the burlap - I wanted it to be rough looking. 

And now for the back! 

I did a 3D layer of the truck & some of the signs. I also added a couple industrial die cuts & used mounting foam. One the side window, the headlights and hood ornament, I added lacquer to make them shiny & reflective. 

These are super simple to make but does take time to fold each page. It's just 2 different types of folds alternating every other page. The decorating is the fun part by far & can be customized for any theme. 

I'm also entering this beauty in the Altered Eclectics October challenge!   


Welcome to my little book villa!

Something that's been on the back burner for me is book folding. I was originally going to fold all the pages so that it would be completely round like a birdhouse. But then, quite by accident, I stopped folding to do something else....and came back & saw how cute it looked and had a vision of a little villa!

I used the Knot Garden stencil from TCW on the wall with crackle paste, then used oil pastels & a water brush. Printed a door & shutters & added moss. 

Of course, I had to use Tim Holtz paper dolls! 

Don't forget the kid on the roof! 

The back is finished with fluted kraft paper. 

This one is about 6" tall & I'm working on a larger one that's about 10" tall so stay tuned! 


Time is precious...

Do you like to stamp? Then head over to Fashionable Stamping Challenges & join in their latest challenge - Time Waits For No Man.

I used the back of a Studio 71 wood wall panel instead of the flat front. I picked a page from Kaisercraft's Barber Shoppe collection and cut the inside piece which left the part that went around the frame. I love the offset look of it. 

My main focus is the vellum piece. I made my own vellum using a regular piece of printer paper & oil. I then did a mask stamping of my gentleman with the train behind him. I distressed the edges, added some gold rub 'n buff, and stamped a pocket watch that I inked up with both gold & black. This home-made vellum takes a stamp BEAUTIFULLY! 

I added a time sentiment which I partially covered with the vellum for interest. 

I added rub 'n buff around all the edges & dyed Sari ribbon around the outside. 

In the top corner, I fussy cut a watch & added rub 'n buff around it & a chain. 

Overall, it's a great piece for the man in your life. And the vellum is really awesome to work with, allowing the time pieces & other designs to show through. I really loved creating around this theme! 


Oh - this is just awful, my friends....

I went to do a spread in my art journal & I was met with a grisly scene. Somehow, my Oddly Appealing Stamps had a little accident sometime during the night & it wasn't pretty. There he was - just lying there, under a street lamp. His friends were curious as to what happened, peering through the darkness. The crime scene tape, the body....oh, the humanity!!

Under closer inspection, the scene was even more eerie. I tell you, I'm glad this is over so I can move on....

I hope the folks at the Dream in Darkness Halloween challenge don't faint when they see it.... 😱


This is a little delicate....

I'm so glad this Delicate & Fabrics challenge came along at More Than Words because there's something I've been wanting to try for awhile.

I've been filling up my Anne of Avonlea art journal book with all kinds of fun stuff & I had room for something a little chunky so this is perfect! And the thing I've been wanting to do is making a piece of paper like vellum. It's super simple - I'll show more of the process below. 

I started with this piece of scrapbook paper with a damask pattern on it & I distressed around the edges. 

Next came the oil - I used olive oil but you can use baby oil or any oil you have available. Brush it liberally all over, then wipe it off front & back; you can finish drying with a heat gun if needed. You can also add more distressing if you wish. Here's pics of the finished pieces on top of the regular paper they were cut from - you can see through it but can't see through the original paper. It's more delicate now! And the scrapbook paper I used was a thinner type rather than the super heavy cardstock weight and single sided. 

After that was done, I put down some random ephemera & scraps of fabric ribbon on the right side which will show through once my image is on top. 

After adhering my image on top, I got busy with my tulle, flowers, & daisy string trim to produce a delicate & soft journal page. On the left side, I decided to do a vellum portrait pic that would go on top of the vellum damask & I did a vellum flower graphic that I cut out to put partly underneath the portrait (both from The Graphics Fairy).  And after the vellum process was complete & everything was put together.... 

I added some threads I pulled off some Sari silk ribbon and draped it around to add softness. 

I also added a piece of Toile fabric as a backdrop for my sentiment & along the edge of the other side. 

I think it's delicate & wispy & I love that vellum! You can see through to what's underneath for a dreamy affect. And the tulle, lace, and embellishments pull it all together.

Vellum is so easy to do and just takes a few minutes to make.  It really gives a beautiful affect to your project!



How Poe-etic is this?

Halloween is just around the corner & with that comes creepy challenges that conjure up visions of haunted houses, moaning & groanings, and twisted tales of doom. And that's what's going on at Relics & Artifacts .  The twist is that you choose one of two creepy chosen book exerpts as your inspiration: The Tell-Tale Heart or The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Poe is my author of choice & my all-time favorite macabre author:

“Presently, I heard a slight groan, and I knew it was the groan of mortal terror. It was not a groan of pain or of grief--oh no!--it was the low stifled sound that arises from the bottom of the soul when overcharged with awe. I knew the sound well. Many a night, just at midnight, when all the world slept, it has welled up from my own bosom, deepening, with its dreadful echo, the terrors that distracted me.”


This project also fits in with the Books Worth Reading #ccbchallenge at Canvas Corp, the Altered Eclectics October challenge, & the Halloween Challenge at Dream in Darkness!

I had this copy of Selected Poetry and Prose of Poe and set about transforming it. 

I started by finding my passage which - how lucky am I - was at the top of a page. So I cut through some pages on the opposite side in which to house my heart from the Rising Spirit IV collection, leaving it ragged & uneven. 

I then picked a face from the RA Troubadour set and noticed a similarity to Poe. 

I set about doing an image transfer of Poe onto the face. 

While that was drying, I started transforming my cover, adding texture with cheesecloth, art stones, string, & burlap. I put a strip of metal trim on the spine & added a creepy tree. Then I painted everything black. 

Since I used the heart from the Rising Spirit IV collection inside, I used the flaming top on the outside.

From there, it was a matter of adding waxes, adhering my RA pieces, and distressing. I also added a Tim Holtz lantern to darken the mood... (feel free to click the pics for bigger versions!) 

Some pics of the cover... 

I think Poe came out awesome. I didn't want it perfect, just vintage and run-down looking. 

Now for the inside....I highlighted the chosen passage by outlining it, smudging the black down. Then I added an embossed creepy tree & painted a bird black from the Mythos collection - because, you know: The Raven 😜 

The other side has crackle & rust and creepy drippings - murder is a messy busy, my friends! And don't forget the main event: the Tell-Tale Heart (as a side note, you'll notice the mention of a lantern in the text above the heart & to the left of the lantern 😉) 

I distressed the edges with inks and a lighter. I also concealed my lantern cord by gluing down the back pages with just the plug sticking down. 

So there we have it! My murderous makeover of the Poet of Macabre is complete. Enjoy a couple more pics & thanks for looking! 

"All works of art should begin...at the end" ~ Edgar Allan Poe