This is a little delicate....

I'm so glad this Delicate & Fabrics challenge came along at More Than Words because there's something I've been wanting to try for awhile.

I've been filling up my Anne of Avonlea art journal book with all kinds of fun stuff & I had room for something a little chunky so this is perfect! And the thing I've been wanting to do is making a piece of paper like vellum. It's super simple - I'll show more of the process below. 

I started with this piece of scrapbook paper with a damask pattern on it & I distressed around the edges. 

Next came the oil - I used olive oil but you can use baby oil or any oil you have available. Brush it liberally all over, then wipe it off front & back; you can finish drying with a heat gun if needed. You can also add more distressing if you wish. Here's pics of the finished pieces on top of the regular paper they were cut from - you can see through it but can't see through the original paper. It's more delicate now! And the scrapbook paper I used was a thinner type rather than the super heavy cardstock weight and single sided. 

After that was done, I put down some random ephemera & scraps of fabric ribbon on the right side which will show through once my image is on top. 

After adhering my image on top, I got busy with my tulle, flowers, & daisy string trim to produce a delicate & soft journal page. On the left side, I decided to do a vellum portrait pic that would go on top of the vellum damask & I did a vellum flower graphic that I cut out to put partly underneath the portrait (both from The Graphics Fairy).  And after the vellum process was complete & everything was put together.... 

I added some threads I pulled off some Sari silk ribbon and draped it around to add softness. 

I also added a piece of Toile fabric as a backdrop for my sentiment & along the edge of the other side. 

I think it's delicate & wispy & I love that vellum! You can see through to what's underneath for a dreamy affect. And the tulle, lace, and embellishments pull it all together.

Vellum is so easy to do and just takes a few minutes to make.  It really gives a beautiful affect to your project!



  1. Beautiful!!! I love it! Thank you for playing with us at MTW challenge.

  2. A perfect interpretation of our challenge with such beautiful details.
    Thank you for playing with us at More than Words!

    1. Thanks, Elena - I appreciate the nice words! 💗

  3. WOW! What a stunning piece of art! I loved reading about your creative process - I will have to try that homemade vellum paper sometime! So happy you could play along with us at More Than Words!

    1. Thanks, Nicole - the vellum is super simple & takes a stamp beautifully as well!


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